Third-party modules and patches

Checksum module

Maintainer: Mathias Berchtold

The mod_digest is an add-on module for ProFTPD which offers several hash functions which can be used to verify the file integrity. The module implements the following features: XCRC, XMD5, XSHA1 and XSHA256.

Virus filtering for uploaded files

Maintainer: Joseph Benden

mod_clamav enables the FTP server to scan newly uploaded files for viruses, before allowing the file upload to complete. This has proven itself very handy for my admin situations, and I thought that I'd share, in case someone else can benefit from it too.

Buffer cache inefficiencies in Linux 2.4

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

The buffer cache algorithm in the Linux 2.4 kernel has some issues with mixing reads and writes to the disk. mod_fsync was written to work around these inefficiencies.

Automatic updating of MasqueradeAddress

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

For sites that use the MasqueradeAddress and which have dynamic IP addresses, mod_dynmasq is very useful.

LDAP-based configuration module

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

Support for storing proftpd.conf configuration data in LDAP directories.

FTP server bans

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

mod_ban allows the ability to dynamically ban clients by user name, by host IP address or DNS name, and by class name. In addition, it has support for automatically banning clients based on configurable rules.

Alternative TLS module

Maintainer: Nikos Mavroyanopoulos

mod_gnutls is an alternative to the distributed TLS module, which uses GnuTLS instead, and supports several alternative authentication methods by taking advantage of the TLS-SRP and TLS with OpenPGP keys features of GnuTLS.

FTP traffic shaping

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

Adds ability to configure overall bandwidth control for ProFTPD.

Send messages to connected clients

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

Adds ability to send messages to connected FTP clients.

Counter-based read/write file locks

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

Support for configuring counter-based read and/or write locks for files being uploaded or download.

Case-insensitive path checking

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

Support for performing case-insensitive file checks.

SQL-based configuration module

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

Support for storing proftpd.conf configuration data in SQL tables.

GSSAPI module

Maintainer: Markus Moeller

mod_gss provides support for the GSSAPI security mechanism, as described in RFC2228.

Script-executing module

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

Support for executing external scripts and commands, based on a variety of conditions, during the course of an FTP session.

Quota module

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

mod_quotatab implements FTP quotas in a manner different from the now-deprecated mod_quota. Current versions support reading quota limits from flat files, LDAP servers, or SQL tables, and storing quota tallies in flat files or SQL tables.

TDS SQL backend module

Maintainer: Patrick Muldoon

mod_sql_tds provides SQL backend support for servers which speak TDS, i.e. MS SQL Server and Sybase. This module should be considered beta (maybe even alpha).

LDAP authentication module

Maintainer: John Morrissey

Authentication support using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

CDB authentication module

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

Support for Dan J. Bernstein's CDB format for group and passwd file lookups. CDB lookups are generally faster than other similar database formats.

mod_time (2.1rc2)

Maintainer: TJ Saunders

A ProFTPD module that limits FTP commands based on time of day and/or day of the week.

mod_ratio (3.3)

Maintainer: James Dogopoulos

File/Byte ratio module.

mod_dbauth (1.7)

Maintainer: Eric Estabrooks

BerkeleyDB authentication module for ProFTPD.


Maintainer: Eric Estabrooks

GDBM authentication module for ProFTPD.

mod_opie (1.1)

Maintainer: Eric Estabrooks

A implementation of one-time passwords for ProFTPD.