Upgrading ProFTPD

Upgrading proftpd is usually a straightforward process, but as with any upgrade, double-checking that the upgrade will not break anything is a Good Idea.

Recent ProFTPD releases have a RELEASE_NOTES file in the source distribution that documents the changes in that release, including new configuration directives, new contrib modules, deprecated directives, special instructions, etc. In addition, the NEWS file contains a list of the bugs that have fixed, and comments about any changes the bugfix required. Please read these files carefully before starting your upgrade.

One safe way to test the upgrade is to compile the new proftpd, and test it out on your existing configuration file before actually installing the new version into the "live" location:

  tar zxvf proftpd-version.tar.gz
  cd proftpd-version/
  ./configure ..
  ./proftpd -t -d9 -c /path/to/proftpd.conf
The "./proftpd" means to use the new proftpd binary compiled by make, but not yet installed. If the new binary reports errors, make a copy of your existing proftpd.conf file, keeping the old one as a backup:
  cp /path/to/proftpd.conf /path/to/proftpd.conf.new
Make any needed changes to the proftpd.conf.new file, until the new proftpd binary reports a successful syntax check:
  ./proftpd -t -d9 -c /path/to/proftpd.conf.new

Once everything is configured the way you like, install the new binary and configuration file:

  make install
  cp /path/to/proftpd.conf /path/to/proftpd.conf.old
  mv /path/to/proftpd.conf.new /path/to/proftpd.conf
Now do a stop/start on proftpd, and the new version of ProFTPD will be running.

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